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On November 16, 2017, over 100 regional business/industry, government, and education professionals gathered to discuss the theme of "The Future of Innovation" at the fifth Greater Antelope Valley STEMPosium at the Chimbole Cultural Center in Palmdale.  Presentations by Joe Weichman of the Centers for Applied Competitive Technologies, Kenny Herrera of Southern California Edison, Christopher Klug of the 412th Test Wing's Innovation Committee, and Ed Burnett of Lockheed Martin, as well as by students from Antelope Valley College, the LAMPE Academy, The Palmdale Aerospace Academy, Fulton & Alsbury Academy, Cole Middle School, the Digital Design & Engineering Academy, and Tehachapi High School were inspiring and thought-provoking.  Randy Scott, Chair of the AV Career Prep Council and member of the Network Steering Committee, was also recognized as the 2017 recipient of the Bob Johnstone Award for STEM Education in the AV.  Plans will begin soon for the 2018 event.​


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